Yes, You CAN Be your Best as you age....

no matter what your decade, history, physical or cognitive challenges.   


Maybe like me, you were never the glamorous girl....or maybe you were always considered and felt like the most beautiful woman in the room.   But you are feeling "different" as the decades see wrinkles that weren't there before. The Brightness is gone from your face. You feel Aches in places you didn't know you had!  Your memory is not what it used to be! 

        or Maybe worse

You CAN do something to Feel, Look and BE Better! matter what your challenges.




We should Celebrate our age and our uniqueness and we Need to believe that we can 

STILL BECOME.....our Best!     

  JOIN ME on This  Journey!

My name is Fran Pannella......Thanks for visiting! 

I created this site to share the things that I love and spend my time learning about as a  Certified Brain Health Facilitator, Senior Personal Trainer, and an Essential Oil Practitioner and Safety Advocate. 


 I am VERY PROUD to say that I am a Mary Kay Independent Business Owner and an Amrita Aromatherapy Partner.

My day job is in as a Director in a Non Profit that helps frail elderly  & those living with dementia to stay in their homes with dignity.   I have a passion to share ways to reduce stigma and improve quality of life for those living with Dementia through music and movement. 

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