Learn to SEE

People  who are very old and those Living with Dementia.....are just that...human beings who need to live, love, have purpose and connect with other humans.......they just happen to have a condition or disease causing their brain to fail.

The First Step to Seeing....is Understanding  

 I am NOT the expert, but I AM a student of the amazing humans from all professions in our world that have dedicated Their lives to Improving the Lives of those individuals living into advanced age or with some form of dementia.   I am drawn to those who share my belief that a HUMAN SOUL does not die.....the Essence of a person is STILL THERE.....WE have to learn to be Present and Adapt  so we can SEE them..

Some of the Resources I use in my Practice and Trainings


    • MemoryBridge.org      The Foundation for Alzheimer's and Cultural Memory

    • Pioneer Network Comprehensive Resources List https://www.pioneernetwork.net/resource-library/

    • MusicforDementia.org.uk     Grant funded comprehensive resources on music and the dementia 

    • TeepaSnow.com      Positive Approach to Care

    • AliveInside.org     The Alive Inside Foundation -  Connection and Peace for Alzheimer's  

    • DAA.org        Dementia Action Alliance   Support Empower and Encourage those living with dementia -  founded and run by Individuals with dementia

    • Dementia.org.au       Dementia Australia  - Resource from A truly Dementia Friendly Country

    • DementiaFriendsUSA.org  -  Helping Communities become Dementia Friendly

    • NCCDP.org  National Council on Dementia Care Practitioners

    • SeniorFitness.net  American Senior Fitness Association

    • RosalynnCarter.org    Supporting Family Caregivers

    • Caregiver.org  National Family Caregiver Alliance

    • MusicTherapy.org     American Music Therapy Association

    • IMNF.org Institue for Music and Neurologic Function

    • LegacyStories.org   Living Legacy Project

    • Arthritis.org

    • nia.NIH.gov/health.alzheimers ADEAR - NIH Alzheimer's disease Education and Referral 

    • https://www.sptsusa.org/ The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

    • healingus.org CFC Loud and Clear Foundation

    • DanceforConnection.com -  Creator of Octaband


    • Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4/2013 Vol17 No 4:    Review - The Neurochemistry of ​Music by Mona Lisa Chanda and Daniel Levitin-Dept of Psychology McGill University, Montreal Quebec  QC H3A 1B1

    • Individualized Music for Persons with Dementia:  A general evidenced based practice guildeline.  6th Edition Linda G Gerdner Phd, RN,FAAN written 1996/ Revised 6/18

    • Talking Sense:  Living with Sensory Changes and Dementia by Agnes Houston 

    • A Small Group Conversation on Community, Aging and the Power of Music by Kutter Callaway, PhD

    • ALIVE INSIDE - Mini Guide to the Empathy Revolution - "Listening to the Song of Life"

    • Intergenerational Activities Resources Kit:  by Sharon MacKenzie BA MEd, of BC Community Response Network 

    • Connecting the Generations:  A practical guide for Developing Intergenerational Programs by James M McCrea, MPW, Merrille Weilssman MS and Gina Thorpe-Brown BA.  Center of Social and Urban Research University of Pittsburgh and University of Michigan  2004

    •  The Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise for People Living with Dementia, by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW



    • Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey

    • The Dementia Concept by Joshia J Freitas

    • Validation by Naomi Feil

    • Soundtrack to My Life by John Osborne

    • The Enduring Self in People with Alzheimer's by Sam Fazio

    • Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors by Paricia Osage

    • Connecting through Music with people with Dementia: A guide for Caregivers by Robin Rio

    • If Only You would Ask:  A guide to spending Quality Time with the Elderly by Eileen Berger an Joan Bachman

    • The Best Friend's Approach to Dementia Care by Virginia Bell and David Troxel

    • I"m Still Here by John Zeisel, PhD

    • Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care - G Allen Powers, MD

    • Learning to Speak Alzheimer's by Joanne Koenig Coste

    • The Art of Dementia Care - Daniel Kuhn and Jane Verity

    • Alzheimer's Proofing your Home - Mark L Warner

    • Moving a Relative with Memory Loss - Laurie White & Beth Spencer

    • Qi Gong for Wellbeing in Dementia and Aging  - Stephen Rath

    • Musicophilia:  Tales of Music and the Brain- Dr. Oliver Sacks

    • Living Well with Dementia through Music - Catherine Richards

    • Movement with Meaning: A Multi-sensory Program for individuals with Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease - Barbara Larsen

    • Activities to Do with your Parent who has Alzheimer's Dementia- Judith A Levey, EdM, OTR

    • Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E Tanzi PhD

    • Together, The Healing Power of Human Connection by Dr Vivek Murthy MD

    • Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors- Patricia Osage

    • Aging Backwards - Miranda Esmonde-White

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